Wildlife Informant Established

Photo by: @andyps

HarimauKita (Tiger Conservation) Forum, WCU (Wildlife Crime Unit, ZSL, and SIGINJAI natural lover carried species identification training in Jambi University. Total 23 member of SIGINJAI involved on the training with trainer from WCS, ZSL, HarimauKita Forum, and BKSDA Jambi. The aim of training is to introduce protected species under Indonesia Act. No. 5 Year 1990. Participants will be actively involved on WCU activity to support investigation findings related with illegal wildlife trafficking or human-wildlife conflict.

Deputy of Jambi University rector open the training and gave a message that students are prospective resources to involve and participate on wildlife conservation in Jambi and Indonesia. He fully supported and say thanks to all participants that involved on training and committee from NGO and SIGINJAI. In the first day training, Chief of HarimauKita Forum, Mr. Haryo T. Wibisono gave presentation of tiger conservation in Indonesia. WCU introduced species identification for protected wildlife in Indonesia. Favorite birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes for illegal wildlife trade have been introduced to participants, include picture and unique characteristic of each species.

WCU has been developed WCDB (Wildlife Crimes Data Base) to collect information of illegal trafficking from informant such as participant training. Our database officer will responsible to maintain the data and the accurate information will be informed to law enforcement agency. (dna).

Link : http://www.wildlifecrimesunit.com/wildlife-informant-established/