Photo by: @andyps, Training on using GPS Collar to monitor tiger movement in the habitat held in Bogor on 22-23 December 2012. Training was conducted by ZSL Indonesia for field staff and staff of BKSDA South Sumatra. This training presents a speaker Dolly Priatna, Chair of Forum HarimauKita.

According to Iding A. Haidir, Tiger Program Manager ZSL Indonesia, this activity was part of a tiger’s home range studies will be carried out in several places in South Sumatra Province. The purpose of the study is to determine the movement of tigers in different areas such as conservation status. In the region there are three tiger habitat : Dangku Wildlife Reserve, Bentayan Wildlife Reserve and Harapan Rainforest. However, the habitats are now fragmented by plantation, oil palm plantations and also mines. Formulating corridor in anticipation of the movement of tigers from one habitat to another habitat is essential for the conservation of Sumatran tigers in the landscape.

“By knowing the home range of tigers in this landscape, we will able to provide scientific input related to the determination of policy and programs for the conservation of tigers in the landscape, especially for management of High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) in the area of ??production,” said iding

GPS Collar is a tool that uses the satellite as a medium for recording.  GPS tracking is an effective tools because it does not require field personnel,  data will directly sent to the email address of the observer, can be set to collect more data as possible as needed, equipped with VHF RT, auto-release, there is a choice of either sending data via GSM or email directly to the receiver every day, a lot of other information that can be obtained, can be equipped with a camera and very high accuracy of data.

“We can monitor the movement of tigers with the actual time difference is one hour. By high speed in accessing ??this information we can make a sort of early warning to prevent conflict if there is any indication the tiger approached the settlement,” said Dolly Priatna.

However, according to tiger expert who earned his doctoral studies through GPS Collar, this tool also has the disadvantage that the cost is very expensive, less durable battery in a tropical climate and is only suitable for large mammals at least for animals the size of a wolf. (HAW)