HarimauKita – The Sumatran Tiger Conservation Forum, is the leading collaborative forum in Indonesia working to save the Sumatran tiger with a vision to conserve Sumatran tigers that live in harmony with human society.

Today, habitat destruction is the greatest threat to the population. Logging continues even in the protected national parks. It has recorded that more than 33 Sumatran tigers has killed every year.

  • To promote conservation efforts for the Sumatran tiger and their landscape
  • To establish the forum as the central reference point for Sumatran Tiger conservation, and
  • To lead and monitor the implementation of the National Strategic and Action Plan of the Sumatran Tiger Conservation
  • Develop the institutional capacity of the Forum
  • Develop the Sumatran tiger database and information center
  • Develop tiger conservation training modules in monitoring, law enforcement and also conflict mitigation
  • Monitoring on illegal trafficking on Sumatran tiger and the body parts
  • Actively promote the actual issues of Sumatran tiger conservation to public by establishing websites and newsletter
  • In collaboration with WCS, ICITAP, the MoF, and the US Department of Justice, HarimauKita carried out a series of four training sessions in animal part identification for illegal wildlife trade investigation and law enforcement, in Medan – North Sumatra, Padang – West Sumatra, Pontianak – West Kalimantan, and Bogor – West Java.
  • The Chairman of HarimauKita was appointed by MoF to be an official member of Indonesian delegation at the recent International Tiger Forum / Tiger – Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, 21st – 24th of November, 2010. The key roles of HarimauKita in this event were providing technical assistance to MoF in preparing the official speech for the Director of Biodiversity Conservation; assisting in preparing Indonesia’s position paper for the head of delegation, and; actively providing technical assistance in focused discussion groups during the meeting.
  • HarimauKita has been appointed by MoF to develop a standard protocol for tiger and large mammal monitoring. The chairman of HarimauKita was the only resource person in a specialized meeting on population monitoring methodologies recently held by the MoF in November 2010. In the event, the chairman of HarimauKita proposed three basic monitoring  methods, including cameratrap capture-recapture method for intensive monitoring, patch occupancy method for large scale monitoring, and distance sampling for ungulate monitoring.
  • In December 2010, two members of HarimauKita published a scientific review on the Sumatran Tiger status in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Integrative Zoology’. The key result of the paper is an updated and accurate map of Sumatran Tiger distribution across Sumatra, revealing that tigers still occur in 29 of 38 habitat patches larger than 250km-sq. Due to its potential to attract international attention, the paper – among other papers in the volume – has been selected by the Willey-Blackwell publisher for a press release.The paper is available online for free at here

Forum HarimauKita is now supported by The Nastional Fish and Wildlife Foundation – Disney Conservation Fund dan GEF-UNDP. We also invite all parties to support activities undertaken by Forum HarimauKita.

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