Promoting Collaborative Management in Sumatran Tiger Conservation

Photo by: @andyps

Rimueng Volume 1 No 3 Is Now Published

With an apology due to late in publishing, we, all editors, can finally present the Third Edition of RIMUENG Forum HarimauKita Bilingual Newsletter.

By the theme of “Promoting Collaborative Management in Sumatran Tiger Conservationƒ, Forum HarimauKita announce the initiation of efforts in the realization of multi-stakeholder collaborative works in saving the last Indonesian tiger population in their habitat.

The larges  collaborative work in the history of Sumatran tiger conservation in Indonesia is presented through an article titled “New Population Survey Give A New Hope for Sumatran Tiger Conservation written by Wulan Pusparini. This article reviewed the results of a population survey using the method of tiger habitat occupancy across the entire island of Sumatra, of course in a popular language.

Different treat and a highly entertaining news presented from an elementary school in Bandung, SEMI Palar. This article was written by Yesha Shrestha, member of TigerHeart, who had come all the way from Washington to Indonesia to participate in conserving Sumatran tiger. She wrote about a wonderful example of Indonesian children in love and conserve the natural resources of Indonesia.

Of course Rimueng Third Edition is still far from perfect. Input, criticism and suggestions from all readers would be very valuable for the improvement of future editions of RIMEUNG.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2012! Long Live Sumatran Tiger!