Maximum Sentence For Sumatran Tiger Skin Collectors

Photo by: @andyps

Forum HarimauKita expressed full support to the efforts of law enforcement against Sumatran tiger traffickers. In collaboration with WWF Indonesia, HarimauKita send a letter of support to the Judge and Prosecutor of Payakumbuh, West Sumatra.

By the letter, HarimauKita conveyed great appreciation to the judge and prosecutors on law enforcement against the criminals. Currently, the case is still in legal proceeding.

Through the letter also, Forum HarimauKita ask prosecutors to give maximum penalty, also the maximum law decisions from the judges for the criminals. Maximum legal decision is very important as a part of the Sumatran tiger conservation campaign. As is known, the Sumatran tiger is currently facing the extinction due to poaching, conflicts with humans and fragmentation habitat.