Forum HarimauKita goes to Yogyakarta

Photo by: @andyps
Yogyakarta,–About 195 people visited the exhibition of predators in Indonesia at State University of Yogyakarta, University of Gajah Mada, and UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta on November 8-9, 2012.

 “This event is one way to promote the conservation of tiger in their original habitat for people, especially for college students. As representation of young generation, they are on the front line for knowledge,” Hariyawan Agung Wahyudi as HarimauKita Executive Officer said. “Conservation in Indonesia needs young cadres,” Hariyawan added.The theme “Live Side by Side and Harmonious with Predators” aimed to save predators in Indonesia. The seminars and exhibitions was held on October and November at universities in Java and Bali. “Predators have function to sustain the ecosystem. They are not only predator but as balancer too,” Fahrudin Surahmat as coordinator said.

“Student college as young generation could increase knowledge and disseminate the information about conservation of predators and their habitat in Indonesia. Besides, it will grow their interest and build wildlife watchers’ networking. Thus it may press wild animals trading,” Fahrudin added.

The endanger problems of Sumatra tiger are hunting and habitat encroachment. HarimauKita have been made efforts to conserve Sumatra tigers to live side by side with people in harmony.


In this event, HarimauKita cooperated with Raptor Indonesia, Wildlife Conservation Society and Suaka Elang Organization gave the updated information about predators, such as hawk and tiger. Besides the law enforcement of wild animals trading. In exhibition, they were framed some pictures about the latest conservation activities.  

Waskito Kukuh Wibowo, one of exhibiton visitor from State University of Yogyakarta said, “this event was very good for me and other students. Undirectly, we participate in conservation by not keeping wild animals. Directly, we can support by inform the wild animals keeping, especially predators, to BKSDA. I wish I could participate as a volounteer in every predators conservation activities.” (Nn)