Forum HarimauKita goes to Semarang

Photo by: @andyps
FHK presented the latest condition of tiger. Besides the law enforcement of wild animal trading.

Hariyawan Agung Wahyudi disseminated about the importance of tiger, the latest population of tiger, the threats, and real action. This paper entitled “Saving The Last Indonesian Tiger” had presented to more than 40 college students in University of Diponegoro and State University of Semarang. However there were some participants who came from other background. “It is better that the participants are general, because the information is important for them. I hope this event is a beginning to open the knot of other activities,” Fahrudin Surahmat, as coordinator, said.

Role of the community, especially young generation, is a main asset in conservation and protection of wild animals. The successful of environment education program is a first way to create the action for forest area protection.

“This event is good. Informing, introducing, and inviting to join in conservation. I hope, I could join in other event in order to increase my knowledge,” Samsul Rizal, participant from Haliaster nature lovers, said. (Nn)