BKSDA Sumbar Campaigning Protection of Sumatran Tiger

Photo by: @andyps

Hotline Number was launched for Quick Response in Mitigating Human Tiger Conflict

Padang, HarimauKita.or.id – Poaching has been identified as the highest factor causing sumatran tiger population decline. In addition, human population growth and development led to the increasing of human tiger conflict year to year. At least, more than 600 conflicts occured within last 10 years.

To decrease the number of illegal poaching activities and to improve HTC responses, BKSDA Sumatera Barat campaign the protection of sumatran tiger. This campaign program has been doing by spreading the appeal through mass media and also social media. The purpose is to promote Law Number 5/1990 that killing, keeping, possesing, maintaining, transporting and trafficking sumatran tiger and the body parts both alive or dead are illegal activities.

According to Rusdiyan Ritonga, staff of BKSDA Sumatera Barat, sumatran tiger is actually a friend of farmers who help control agricultural pests and plantations such as pigs, monkeys, and others. “In its natural habitat, tigers prey at least 50 of wild pig tails or equivalent. If Sumatran tiger extinct in their nature habitat, the growth of pest population will likely rise uncontrollably,” he explained further.

BKSDA Sumatera Barat appealed to the people to contact KSDA West Sumatra through the number  (0751) 7054136 or  (0751) 7053343, quickly, if any tiger activities near the village. By launching this number, they hope that  quick response in handling the conflict will be increasing effectively and prevent more victims from both the villagers and the tiger. (HAW)