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Training Online

Learn about sumatran tiger conservation and all about wildlife conservation just on Training Online HarimauKita.

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You can participate in conserving Sumatran Tiger by a simple action. You need only your online computer or even your handphone

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Current Event

Annual meeting ke-7 Forum HarimauKita dilandasi semangat untuk mendorong tercapainya target-target yang diamanatkan dalam Strategi Konservasi Harimau Sumatera 2017 – 2028.

Annual Meeting 7 - Forum HarimauKita
Lokakarya Implementasi STRAKOHAS 2007-2017

Last event

Lokakarya Implementasi Strategi dan Rencana Aksi Konservasi Harimau Sumatera 2007-2017
Bogor, 20-21 Desember 2016

HarimauKita.or.idThe Sumatran Tiger Conservation Forum

Who is Forum Harimau Kita?

HarimauKita – The Sumatran Tiger Conservation Forum, is the leading collaborative forum in Indonesia working to save the Sumatran tiger with a vision to conserve Sumatran tigers that live in harmony with human society.

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