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Hong kong taxation guide

If you have a long-term visa in Hong Kong, you will be required to pay Hong Kong income tax. What most people are concerned about when accepting an offer of employment in Hong Kong, however, areHong Kong Guide: Taxation,Pension insurance,Managing your money,Opening a bank account,Hong Kong Banks,The Hong Kong dollar, Our money guide …19/07/2019 · However, you do need to be present in Hong Kong when opening your account. Hong Kong tax rates are fairly low and the system offers a number of allowances and deductions that you do not need to provide proof for unless specifically inquired. Read GuideThe tax system in Hong Kong. On moving to Hong Kong, you will probably have queries regarding taxation. Here’s our latest HONG KONG TRAVEL GUIDE blog with sample HONG KONG ITINERARY and HONG KONG-MACAU ITINERARY, hotel and tour recommendations, and list of expenses to help you budget for and plan your trip. It underscores Hong Kong‘s strategic importance for doing business in China, explains the taxation systems, and also takes you through the process of setting up a company in Hong Kong and in the Mainland. Income Tax. In Hong Kong, there are not many requirements, but among the few two are essential, one being audit and the other tax filing. This guide aims at providing the structure for tax regulations in Hong Kong-based on current practices and taxation laws. In Hong Kong, the Inland Revenue Ordinance charges the income from an office, a pension to salaries tax, employment, and profits from business or trade to profits tax and income from the real estate to tax on this guidebook, Doing Business in Hong Kong, provides a thorough analysis of various options in establishing a business in China. 27/11/2018. Salaries in Hong Kong are on par with what professionals would probably earn in other Western countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. So, you’ve decided to set up your business in Hong Kong. What’s not to love about it? With its proximity to the mainland Chinese market and strong government support for innovation, it has emerged as one of the preferred locations for a number of global enterprises. . Nevertheless, keeping track of your finances is highly advised. March 31, 2019; Last updated. But it is important to understand that in order to be able to file tax, you need to close accounts which requires auditing and to audit accounts you need to have proper accounting. While there are a lot of rumours that you can work in Hong Kong tax-free, this is not the case. How to Claim Double-Taxation Relief from a Double-Taxation Agreement. China Guide Double Tax Treaties Double Taxation Treaties with China The Hong Kong agreement covers China’s individual income tax, foreign enterprise income taxes and Hong Kong’s profit, salaries, and property taxes. A Guide to Corporate Tax in Hong Kong

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